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DDV is an independent operator within the after-market body repair industry.

We understand that the technology on modern vehicles can make repairs more difficult

Trying to keep up with with todays vehicle technology can be a challenge. Thats why DDV has invested in Hella Gutmann CSC tool to help you stay compliant with the new laws that came into effect in July 2021. These rules require mechanics, windscreen installers, tyre fitters and body shops to be aware of ADAS and the effect it can have on a vehicle after having work completed.

Our mobile calibration service is available to anyone who suspects an issue with their safety systems or has completed work on a vehicle that now needs calibrating, Our team is able to offer a prompt turn around and fully documented reports for IIR compliance/insurance certification.

  • Thatcham Research is used to gain the most accurate information for your vehicle
  • IMI accredited specialist conform to AOM230 Standards (ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS (ADAS) – CALIBRATION)
  • High quality CSC Tools and calibration Equipment supplied by Hella GUntman conforms to all IIR compliance in certification
  • National Bodyshop Repair Association member
  • Consumers can look out for the CTSI approved code logo when searching for our business

There are many reasons for calibrating but the goal is to ensure that your vehicles ADAS is working effectively to keep you and your passengers safe.

Why Calibrate?

There are many reasons why the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on a vehicle should be calibrated, these include: replacing or repairing a bumper or windscreen, modification of the vehicle (changing the geometry of the car i.e. suspension, wheels, bumper, etc) or an accident - even minor damage could have ramifications on your vehicle safety system.

After repair or replacement of suspension components

After work has been completed on your vehicles suspension, it is advised to have your vehicles tracking done.

Windscreen replacement

If the camara has been removed and replaced with a new windscreen

An impact to the front of your vehicle

Front impacts could change the radars angle, leaving it with a mis-alignment fault.

Wheel alignment change

If your tracking has been altered, All Manufacturers require you calibrate your vehicles ADAS

Change in ride height

Changing the vehicles ride height can alter the Radar and camara angles to the road

Removal of bumper or radar components

All Manufacturers require ADAS calibration after removal of bumper or radar for repair or replacement to confirm its alignment

What can we calibrate

ADAS uses several different methods for sensing its surrounding and identifying what is going on around the vehicle. These sensors are a combination of cameras, sonic sensors and radar. These sensors combined create a bubble around the car allowing it to anticipate incoming threats and act accordingly.

Road Sign Recognition (RSR)

The vehicle’s camera ‘reads’ the speed limit signs at the side of the road, or on overhead gantries, and the speed limit is displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard or infotainment screen. In future, similar systems will be used to automatically limit the vehicle’s speed.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Cruise control that automatically alters the speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Provides a visual or audible warning if the vehicle is approaching a slower-moving or stationary object and can automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes if the driver does not take the appropriate action to avoid a collision.

Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

A forward collision warning system or collision mitigation system - an advanced driver-assistance system designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

These systems use the vehicle’s cameras to detect the road markings and will either provide an alert or automatically adjust the steering if it detects the vehicle changing course without indicating.


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